lørdag 15. september 2012

GPS Location Recorder now available in Google Play

My newest Android app, GPS Location Recorder, is now available in Google Play. It is free, try it!

tirsdag 11. september 2012

GPS Location Recorder for Android

GPS Location Recorder is released!
GPS Location Recorder is an Android app that is available in Google Play.

Take a look at the screenshots:
See how it works:

GPS location recorder is a lightweight, battery efficient GPS logger.
Saving and sharing a GPS location or a track has never been easier.

- Save GPS location (longitude/latitude coordinates)
- Save GPS track while you walk/run/drive etc.
- Get list of saved GPS locations and tracks
- Send saved GPS locations and tracks in email (either as plain text or in KML-format)
- Share your saved location on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc. (depending of while social apps are installed on
your phone)
- Show your saved location or your track in Google Maps (by importing generated KML-file)
- Shows your speed as you moves, works as a speedometer (select between km/h and Mph)
- Get map of current location if your phone are connected to internet.
- Text in english or norwegian.

Works fine without internet connection. Also map may be shows without internet connection
(depending if map tile in already download on sd-card). 

PS! If your GPS signal is poor, the distance in a recorded GPS track may be inaccurate.
The better GPS signal you have, the more accurate distance you get when recording a GPS track.


Download it in Google Play, it is free to download.

Android app on Google Play